Churches that Abuse

Churches that Abuse


Recovering from Churches that Abuse


One of the most crushing things that a Christian can experience is coming to the realization that a church to which one belongs was in error, abusive, or causes damage to its own followers. These two books, Churches that Abuse, and Recovering from Churches that Abuse explore the experiences of many who suffered at the hands of the leaders who were to care for them. Ronald Enroth is the author of these two works and he not only details members experiences but he also names the churches and groups who dealt the damage to these individuals.

As a member of a church organization that for many years I felt earnestly sought the will of God and cared greatly for souls, I found my jaw dropping at some of the parallels in these pages that resembled my own experience. Though my departure from this organization was a conflict between myself and the Pastor, I never thought that the organization would fall into the category and definition of these two books. Abusive? Yes, but not necessarily to me, but then maybe I am in denial on that point. However, I have taken severe damage from this organization and by the Grace of God I gain healing and move on in my walk.

These two books, Churches that Abuse, and Recovering from Churches that Abuse, not only defines and identifies what church abuse is, but it shows just how common it can be. Anyone who finds themselves in this type of relationship with their church need to read these books. Realize that you are not alone and that God does care for you and that there is healing that He can truly impart.

These two books are out of print but they are hosted in HTML and PDF format. Click on the links below the images of the books for a direct link to each.


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  1. THANK YOU for making these extremely helpful books available. They are INCREDIBLY eye-opening!

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