I have worked for several years as a computer technician and network technician and both of these topics are fascinating to talk about. However, in this blog I will probably focus on two other very fascinating topics, Religion and Politics.

As far as religion goes, I am completely fascinated with the great evolution vs. creation debate, and as I suspect, anyone that makes such statement is probably a creationist, for if evolution is a fact, then why waste ones time debating it against a falsehood like creationism, Right? Since I just tipped my hand you probably figured out that I favor the creationist point of view, and you would be right by assuming that. I hope to have many discussions about the topic and I hope that many will join in the conversation.

Politics I find fascinating because of all the many ways that it can affect a persons life. It can range fro science to education and media bias to the next upcoming election cycle. So, jump in and enjoy the ride.


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