And I think it’s just a catastrophic mistake to have somebody like Dawkins address himself to profound issues of theology, the existence of God, the nature of life. He hasn’t committed himself to disciplined study in any relevant area of inquiry. He’s a crummy philosopher. He doesn’t have the rudimentary skills to meticulously assess his own arguments.

— David Berlinski commenting on The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins


Dr. David Berlinski: What Does It Take for Change? (Clip 5)

Everybody has a favorite David Berlinski story. Right? Sure you do, you just don’t know it yet. Anyway, this one is my favorite. In this clip Berlinski explores the evolution of the cow to whale concept. In evolutionary circles it is a popular belief that the whale was once a land animal. Berlinski uses the cow as a crude example of an ancestor to the whale to examine the possible changes that the cow would have to undergo to make the transition from land to sea.

I have had many creation vs. evolution discussions and often the whale will emerge as a topic of interest to the evolutionary model. So, this video has become a phildowd.com favorite, and since it is so near and dear to me, I can’t resist sharing it. Enjoy!

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