Bill Schulz of FNC’s RedEye buys opportunity to take a swipe at Inhofe and Creation Scientist

On a recent edition of RedEye on the Fox News Channel, Greg Gutfeld and panel explore the whereabouts of Al Gore in light of all the snowfall occurring nationwide. The insinuations of “junk science” are dropped a few times topping off with a clip of Neil Cavuto interviewing Senator Inhofe with Inhofe inviting Al Gore to address the greatest scientific scandal in history.

Co-host Bill Schulz apparently never made it to the pre-show dress rehearsal to get a heads up on what the topics of the day would be. Either that or the overwhelming desire to knee-jerk a response over took his ability to rationally add to the conversation. I’m betting the latter was the case. Schulz instead took that opportunity to blast Inhofe for not believing evolution and belittling Creation Scientists saying, “those two words [creation and scientist] should never ever meet in the same sentence.”

Bill, I know you must have bruised your knee terribly on the bottom of that table while responding to the story, but I must point out one thing that you missed while on your anti-Inhofe tirade. Inhofe and the Creation Scientist were right on global warming. (emphasis added to further annoy Bill Schultz).

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